A   D R E A M   P L A Y
A DREAM PLAY, adapted from August Strindberg's expressionist masterpiece by Matthew Minnicino, premiered at Chinatown Soup in January 2016. Our site-specific approach turned a gallery studio into an immersive pillow fort, and included optional nap gear.

Trey Fillmore and Serena Berman

Serena Berman, Michael Galligan, Michael Lorz, Trey Fillmore, Tess Richie, Nik Aliye, and Matthew Minnicino

Michael Galligan and Michael Lorz

Nik Aliye, Michael Galligan, Serena Berman, Trey Fillmore, and Tess Richie

Trey Fillmore

Michael Lorz, Michael Galligan, Tess Richie, Nik Aliye, and Serena Berman.

Serena Berman.

Nik Aliye

A DREAM PLAY: ​Excerpts
1: Agnes, the daughter of the Gods, enters the Tower to save the prisoner inside.
2: Agnes has decided to marry the Lawyer, but it isn't going well.

3: Agnes takes the Writer to Fingal's Cave. They listen to what the wind has to say.