T A L L G R A S S  G O T H I C
Tallgrass Gothic, by Melanie Marnich, premiered in April 2013. A stark play set in nondescript American flyover country, full of rural beauty and rural violence. New York professional premiere, ran two weeks at the Davenport Black Box. Photos by Giulianna Carrullo.

Gigi Hernandez.

Paige Goodloe.

Matthew K. Davis, Technical Director for Tallgrass Gothic.

Mike Wesolowski and Gigi Hernandez.

Paige Goodloe

Gigi Hernandez and Mike Wesolowski.

A setpiece from Tallgrass Gothic.

Gigi Hernandez.

Tallgrass Gothic: Promo
Tallgrass Gothic premiered at the Davenport Theater as the inaugural full staged production of Grey Room Theater, a company formed at the Atlantic Acting School.