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Hi, my name is Jake.

I direct plays about who we are and where we are, and what those questions have to do with each other. I direct things that are funand weird, and about the brutal irreconcilabilities of being alive. 

I like to lead rooms with shared vision and shared power. I value hierarchy in artmaking, but mostly because I like what happens when it's subverted.

Selected awards include:

Mercury Store Directors Lab; AIRS Resident at the Hangar Theatre; Flea Theatre Resident Director; Drama League Fellow; Drama League Resident Artist; Williamstown Theater Festival Directing Corps Alum; Westport Country Playhouse Directing Fellow.


Associated Artist at The New Group; former Director of Performance at Chinatown Soup; cofounder of The Fled Collective; program director of The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals; married to Serena.

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