J A K E  B E C K H A R D

D I R E C T S   P L A Y S

My name is Jake. I direct plays about where we are and who we are, and what they have to do with each other.

All my work in one way or another deals with the tension between two facts:

  • every life is subject and victim to its time and place

  • every person's job is to work on overdrive to live that life as if it belonged to them.

Selected awards include:

2019 Flea Resident Director

2018 Drama League Fellow,

2017 Drama League Resident Artist

2017 Williamstown Theater Festival Directing Corps

2016 Westport Country Playhouse Directing Fellow under Mark Lamos + David Kennedy

2012-2013 SDC Observership Class


Led resident companies & student actors at:

Atlantic Acting School

Williamstown Theatre Festival

The Flea Theater

Hangar Theatre Company

Associated Artist at The New Group.

Director of Performance at Chinatown Soup.

I produce and direct all sorts of new things there with my partner, Serena Berman.