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A R T A U D   A R T A U D 
ARTAUD ARTAUD, by Matthew Minnicino, had its world premiere on Sept. 1st, 2015 at Theater for the New City, New York, NY. 
Artaud, trapped inside his body, can only wrestle with his own Double to regain control – but the Double, full of childlike chaos and wonder, begins to find his own wants and needs, and discovers that they are not Artaud's.
Artaud Artaud premiered at Theater for the New City in September, 2015. It marked the first full-fledged production from Artilliers, a para-classical theater company.
1: The Doctor delivers a slideshow on the life of Antonin Artaud, new arrival at the Rodez Sanatorum.

2: Artaud's Double, whom everyone has mistaken for Artaud, has a therapy session with the Doctor's Assistant. 

3: Artaud asks Artaud's Double to stay with him and complete their work. The Double looks for an escape.
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